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You are specilized in couple relationship and have done your vocation ? Whether you're a mediator, therapist or lawyer, you know that the stability of a parental couple is essential to the welfare of the child.

But when it flickers, it is important that parents who are victims of this crisis feel (being) supported to go with their child in this particularly difficult time.

That's why 2houses is the ideal tool to help your patients/customers to restore calm and positive communication with their ex-spouse. With this tool , parents learn to communicate better to the needs of their child.

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We provide our free mini-guide about "The 10 important rules to deal with co-parenting". In the continuity of your work, this mini-guide will be the interface between separated parents seeking advice. Its content has been approved and encouraged by many professionals.

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In addition to the mini-guide, we offer you the opportunity to get into contact with many separated parents. By offering you a free subscription to our directory of professionals, you will receive directly contact people interested in your services. But, at an advantageous price, we will put forward to increase your visibility in this directory.

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Dominique Detilloux

Therapist and certified family mediator in family matters, civil and commercial

"2houses is the principle of a 'communication book' without the 'physical' transport by the child. My mediation clients who are using it are very pleased… I would recommend it without hesitation."

Sophie Mercier

Family mediator

"A great initiative for organized and responsible parents, a very positive sharing website for the happiness of the kids!"

Christian Girarder

Psychotherapist, specialized in Co-Parenting and Therapy Parent-Child Relationship

"JI see in my practice all the benefits of this valuable contribution to the non-violent and constructive communication. to try it is to adopt it."