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Co-Parenting with Third Parties

Co-Parenting with Third Parties: How 2houses Can Help

One thing that we have realized over the years is that families look different…well, they have always looked different but it seems that we are often more aware of it now. Kids don’t always live with mom and dad but might live with a grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Families don’t always have the nuclear family of two opposite sex partners. In fact, a large number of families break the norm of the traditional nuclear family.

And one of the ways that families are breaking that norm can be with a third party. It can be as mentioned already, the children living with someone other than their biological parents. It could mean that there are three parents listed on the birth certificate—many countries have move to this…Canada being one of them with up to four parents allowed to be listed on a birth certificate. It could also mean that the kids still live with one of their biological parents but a third part, such as an ex-partner who is the stepparent of the kids, may have visitation rights as well.

While this is wonderful for kids to have so many loving people involved in their lives, it can make life a bit confusing and stressful when you are trying to organize a co-parenting arrangement with third parties and not just the regular two party households.

Which is why we always stress getting help when things seem confusing. And that help can come to you in the form of a mediation or co-parenting app such as 2houses, which is what we are going to look at in regard to how 2houses can make co-parenting with third parties easier.

Number One: Documents are Organized and Accessible

When there are more than just two parties in a custody agreement, there can be a lot of paperwork that you need to keep track of. One of the benefits of today’s day and age is that a lot of paperwork is sent as both hardcopies and as electronic. Even when they aren’t electronic, many people opt to have them scanned in to be digital.

And it is these digital files that we want to look at. They can be uploaded right onto the 2houses digital app and into their own folder on the app. This folder can be accessed by everyone who has access to the app and you can all see the same thing in the documents.

This makes it a lot easier to navigate disagreements that were already settled in the court or through mediation. All you need to do is pull the document up on the app and look at what it says to solve it. Since there are multiple parties in this arrangement, having access to documents at your fingertips can help prevent a lot of confusion, frustration and headache for all of you.

Number Two: Calendars are Colour Coded and Easy to Use

The calendar is a big part of how 2houses helps co-parents to be successful and it is integral when it comes to co-parenting with a third party. Being able to see a calendar that shows when everyone has visitation, all the events the kids have and allows for room for notes, pick up arrangements, meeting times and so on allows all parties to focus on co-parenting the kids.

In addition, you can put up the custody arrangement and have it reoccur in the calendar. This can, again, be colour coded to each parent in the arrangement. When you open up the calendar, you can easily see who is taking the kids on that day and it takes a lot of the confusion out of it for everyone.

In fact, it can even make it easier on the kids as they can access the app and check the calendar on their own as well.

Number Three: Everyone Can Journal Together

There is a journal on the 2houses app that is great for parents, kids and anyone else involved in the care of the kids. What it is used for is for everyone to write a journal on what is happening with the kids. You can talk about their day, any big news you need to share for them or if they have any changes to their schedule.

In addition, kids can use the journal to write notes to everyone involved in their care. This is great when the kids are with one person and not the other people. It helps parents feel connected and allows the kids to continue building their bond with parents even when they aren’t together.

Number Four: Kids Can Access the App to Know What is Happening

As mentioned already, the kids can access the app and see what is happening in their world. We all know that co-parenting exists for one purpose and one purpose only…to take care of the kids in a positive and effective manner.

So them knowing what is happening in the co-parenting relationship, especially when there is a third party, is important in helping them adjust to the change of going from one home to several houses. Being able to see the app keeps kids organized, helps lower their stress and helps reinforce bonds for everyone.

Number Five: Budgeting Can be Tracked

Finally, the budgeting tool is excellent because everyone can track what money is being shared with the expenses. What is being paid out. And what is being sent with child support. Knowing finances and have access to seeing the budget will help co-parents avoid tension topics, and it keeps all three parties involved in the day to day costs of raising healthy and happy kids.

While you may have to share the expense of 2houses, it is very affordable even for two parents and is pennies when adding additional parties to the app. Besides the low cost, 2houses allows for everyone to know what is happening, who is seeing the kids and when and helps you all keep track of those important moments and documents while you focus on the kids and their needs.

Why 2houses?

We are a co-parenting facilitator!


A calendar for everyone, getting organised when you’re divorced is a priority. 2houses provides you an online shared schedule, with many editing, adding, and sync features.


For us, as divorced parents, the financial topic is most of the time a conflict topic. Now, 2houses manages all expenses from each parent, keeps you informed on the situation, day after day, coins after coins.


Communication is key, this is why 2houses offers you an online messaging tool, simple, efficient and secure.


The journal is your quick family social network. You can easily share all information, news, photos, videos, and even your children’s funny quotes. The family is never far away, no matter where you are geographically located.

And many more features!

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