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What is 2houses?

2houses is a Web platform that helps separated parents to communicate and to organize for their children’s good. Even if they are separated, parents must continue to communicate about their children. Having a Web interface makes it possible to eliminate emotional overtones and reactions, and it reduces conflict. Therefore, communication becomes more effective; your children won’t suffer from a situation that they did not choose.

What services does 2houses offer?

2houses offers a shared calendar for managing parenting time and other schedule changes, a shared expenses management tool, a journal, an information exchange tool, photo albums, and a family information bank in which important data concerning your children are stored. To date, 2houses does not offer links to lawyers, mediators, coaches, or other guidance services.

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What are the advantages over a conventional online calendar?

Online calendars have not been designed to meet the specific problems of separated parents. Setting parenting times or managing schedule changes between estranged parents cannot be managed efficiently by existing tools. 2houses is familiar with these specific problems and has set up tools designed exclusively for separated parents. We have thus developed them so that they can be used by everyone, the technically challenged and advanced IT users alike.

Do you send notifications or must I be logged on to 2houses all the time to be kept informed?

We currently have two types of notification: e-mails and text messages. You can activate the notification as you wish (in My account), for each type of event: calendar changes, addition of expenses, new article in the journal, etc. Text messages may be activated for calendar change notifications only. Emails are possible for all services.

I have children with different parents. Can 2houses help me to stay organized?

Yes, your email address can be linked to with multiple accounts - one for each of the co-parents.

Do you have an iPhone or Android application?

Yes, go to the App Store and download it!

We are working on the Androïd app. The Androïd app will be available in a few weeks. The 2houses calendar can be synchronized with your smartphone. Also, our platform is accessible and compatible with mobile browsers.

May I test your services without committing myself?

Yes! Go here to sign up, it's free!

How do I sign up?

Click on “Sign up” on the 2houses home page and follow the instructions. You may sign up by filling out our short form or by connecting via Facebook.

How will my ex be informed that I want us to use the service?

When one of the two parents signs up, s/he will enter the child or children’s names, set the custody arrangements, and enter basic family information. Then, when the timing is right, s/he will enter the co-parent’s email address.   The co-parent will then receive an invitation to sign up. This email is sent by the 2houses platform and explains the scheme’s advantages. You will be notified when the co-parent’s registration goes into effect.

My ex refuses to register. What should I do? What can be done?

If your ex does not sign up, you can send a second invitation - at a more appropriate moment. 2houses is also open to third parties (grandparents, step-mother, step-father, etc.) and so it takes on its own interest even if the other parent has not subscribed yet.

How much does it cost?

The services provided by 2houses are totally free.

Ok, but what about the flow of communication in all of this?

2houses offers tools that facilitate communication, organization of the practical aspects of your children’s lives, and all the things that usually give rise to useless quibbling between separated parents. Once such problems have been managed, you will be free to talk to each other directly and more calmly.

Can 2houses’s services help me if I am a single parent?

Yes. 2houses is also open to third parties (grandparents, step-mother, step-father, etc.) so it takes on its own interest even if the other parent has not subscribed yet.

What about the confidentiality of my data stored on 2houses’s server?

2houses promises to do its utmost to ensure the complete confidentiality of your data. We use the latest security mechanisms and make certain that your data are safe and secure in the case of hardware failures or data losses. In addition to this, 2houses is working closely with a third party company (Truste) who audit the system on a regular basis to ensure that it is well in line with the latest and strongest industry standards.

Who created 2houses?

2houses was created by Gill Ruidant, an ardent entrepreneur and the father of a 10-year-old boy, Noé. Gill is convinced that he can make life easier for today’s “new families” with his 2houses platform. Click here to learn more or contact Gill at [email protected]