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  • What is 2houses?

    2houses is a web platform and mobile app that helps parents to communicate and organize themselves for the well-being of their children.

    For separated parents, having a web interface removes the negative emotions reduces conflict, and thus makes communication more effective – so your children do not suffer from a situation they have not chosen.

  • What services does 2houses offer?

    2houses offers a shared calendar, a finance management tool, a journal (information exchange tool), a messaging tool, and a storage space and document sharing. Additionally, it serves as an information bank, which stores important information about your children and your family.
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  • How does 2houses compare with a traditional online calendar?

    For separated parents, online calendars have not been designed to meet their specific needs. Setting a parenting schedule or managing change requests between parents are tasks that cannot be done effectively through existing services. 2houses recognized this specific problem and has put in place tools exclusively for those parents. Also, we have developed them to be usable by all, whether parents are familiar or not with computers and new technology.

  • Do you send notifications or do I always have to connect to 2houses for updates?

    We have two types of notifications: emails and push notifications for mobile apps. You can activate them as needed, depending on the information you want.

  • I’m a separated parent and I have children with different co-parents. Can 2houses help me to get organized?

    Yes, we can. Your email address can be linked to more than one family account – one for each of the co-parents.

  • Do you have an iPhone or Android app?

    Yes, we have an iPhone and Android app available.

  • How much does it cost?

  • How can I sign up?

  • How will other family members be informed that I want us to use the service?

    By going to “My family”, you can invite your children and other family members. An invitation email will be sent. It contains a link that they will have to follow to select a password.

    For separated parents, one parent will register, enter the child/children’s name(s), define the parenting schedules, and enter the basic family information into the account. Next, at the appropriate time, the parent will enter the email address of the co-parent who will then receive an invitation to register. This email is sent by the 2houses’ platform and it explains the system’s benefits. You will be notified when the co-parent’s registration is complete. It is important that the co-parent follows the link in the invitation. He/she should not register and create a new account separately. Find more help at “How to invite a co-parent”.

    Via “My family,” if they wish, parents can provide access to a mediator who will have read-only access to the family’s account.

  • I’m a separated parent, and my ex-partner refuses to register. What should I do?

    If the co-parent does not wish to register now, you will have the option to send a new invitation – at a more convenient time. 2houses is also an open platform to third parties (grandparents, step-parents, etc.) and therefore it has added value even if the co-parent is not present.

  • Yes, and the dialogue in all that?

    2houses provides tools that facilitate communication and organization of the practical aspects. For separated parents, this means all the circumstances that typically generate conflicts. Once they are managed, you will have the opportunity to speak directly – more calmly.

  • If I am a single mother or a single father, can 2houses’ services help me?

    Yes! 2houses is also an open platform for third parties (grandparents, step-parents, etc.) and therefore it has added value even if the co-parent is not present.

  • What about the privacy of my data stored on 2houses?

    2houses guarantees that every effort will be made to ensure total confidentiality of your data. We use the latest security mechanisms and ensure that your information is safe in the event of equipment failure or data loss. Also, 2houses uses a third party auditor (Trustee) who regularly makes sure that the system meets the latest security and confidentiality standards.

  • Who created 2houses?

    2houses was created by Gill Ruidant, a passionate entrepreneur and father to his son, Noé, age 13. Gill is confident he can improve the well-being of new families, thanks to his 2houses platform. Click here to learn more about the team or contact Gill on

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