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Why 2houses?

We are a co-parenting facilitator!


A calendar for everyone, getting organized when you’re divorced is a priority. 2houses makes available to you an online shared schedule, with many editing, adding, and sync features. Now, organization and simplicity are not mutually exclusive, they just mix together.


For us, as divorced parents, the financial topic is most of the time a conflict topic. Now, 2houses manages all expenses from each parent, keeps you informed on the situation, day after day, coins after coins.


Communicate is key, this is why 2houses makes available to you an online messaging tool, simple, efficient and secured.

And many more features!
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Any questions?

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  • I’m a separated parent and I have children with different co-parents. Can 2houses help me to get organized?

    Yes, we can. Your email address can be linked to more than one family account - one for each of the co-parents.

  • Can I do a test before get involved?

    Yes ! After selecting your plan, you have 14 days free trial! If 2houses did not fit your needs, you can retract during this time at no cost.

  • How will other family members be informed that I want us to use the service?

    By going to 'My family', you can invite your children and other family members. An invitation email will be sent. It contains a link that they will have to follow to select a password.

    For separated parents, one parent will register, enter the child/children’s name(s), define the parenting schedules, and enter the basic family information into the account. Next, at the appropriate time, the parent will enter the email address of the co-parent who will then receive an invitation to register. This email is sent by the 2houses’ platform and it explains the system’s benefits. You will be notified when the co-parent’s registration is complete. It is important that the co-parent follows the link in the invitation. He/she should not register and create a new account separately. Find more help at 'How to invite a co-parent'.Via 'My family,' if they wish, parents can provide access to a mediator who will have read-only access to the family’s account.

  • If I am a single mother or a single father, can 2houses’ services help me?

    Yes! 2houses is also an open platform for third parties (grandparents, step-parents, etc.) and therefore it has added value even if the co-parent is not present.

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