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Keep control of your privacy

Your safety and privacy is very important to us!

  • Your family's privacy is our priority. No information is shared with a third party.
  • The data of each parent is only accessible by him/her!
  • Our system is regularly audited to ensure that we offer you the best in terms of safety.

Keep control

Your information is only visible by you

  • When you create your account on 2houses, we ask you for a series of information such as the name of your children, the first name and last name of the co-parent, etc.
    This information is used only to supply your account and is not used for any other purpose.

  • Information about children is added to the account by you without any obligation. It goes without saying that the more information you have in your account, the more helpful it is.

  • Your account is protected by an encrypted password that only you know. Each parent has their own access protected by a login and password. The private information of each parent (email address, credit card, phone number, etc.) is not accessible by the other."

  • When you purchase a 2houses subscription, we do not store your credit card information. It is processed directly by the paying agency. The payment organisation “Stripe” provides the technical support, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure necessary to operate online payment systems.

Your data is secure

Safety first and foremost

2houses guarantees that everything is in place to ensure the total confidentiality of your data. We use the latest privacy mechanisms and ensure that your information is secure in the event of equipment failure or data loss:

  • Our databases and servers are not accessible from the outside - use of amazon virtual private cloud (VPC).

  • Management of app's internal authorizations: data partitioning by family. Each request is filtered by an authorization system that is tested.

  • Using an external provider to manage updates and privacy at the server application level (cloud66)

  • All requests go through a firewall that also makes load balancer (load balancer).

In addition, 2houses uses an external auditor who regularly ensures that the system complies with the latest privacy and confidentiality standards.

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