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Live Happily in Two Houses?

How Can a Family Live Happily in Two Houses?

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with divorce: you are not alone. The proportion of adults 35-39 who are separated has doubled from 2 percent in the 1970s to 4 percent in the 2000s. Fortunately, resources are available to make divorce easier for both parents and children. Yes, it’s possible for a family to live happily in two houses. 

In this article, we’ll talk about helpful tips to help children better cope with their parent’s divorce. We can help both parents and children in overcoming challenges associated with separation and live happily in two houses. 

Tips to Helping Your Children Cope Better 

To some children, living in two homes can be challenging. It may be more difficult especially when the ex-partner decides to live with another partner. Our tips can help your children accept the situation and still live happily albeit in two homes. 

Talk to Them About the Arrangement

As soon as you reached an agreement with your ex-partner, talk to your child right away. Explain things clearly as to why they need to live in two homes. Talk to them about the arrangement and explain why it has to be that way. We suggest both partners should talk to the children about the arrangement. If the kids have questions, be honest with your answers. 

Never Argue in Front of the Children

Arguing is normal between two people but it will not be healthy when you argue in front of your children. As much as possible, control your anger especially when the children are present. It can be difficult but you will have to try harder. 

If you need to argue, do this outside and not within your child’s earshot. Better yet, use email or the phone, and make sure the children aren’t present when you’re talking. Work things out amicably, as much as possible to avoid more conflicts down the road. 

Make Them Part of Your New Family

If you have new children, make sure that your kids from the previous relationship feel welcome in your home. Make them part of the family, as much as possible. Include them in celebrating special occasions or milestones. 

Never make them feel an outsider in your new family as that will be very difficult for them. We suggest giving them more time with their half-siblings, for them to get to know each other. You may want to enroll them in the same school too if this is possible. Remember, children can be sensitive especially when it comes to receiving attention. Make sure that you treat them equally to avoid parent-child issues.

Communication Constantly 

Communication is crucial to making a parent-child relationship work. If you’re a busy parent, make time to call or email your child. Countless platforms are available to help you get in touch with your children. Social media is one of them. 

In addition, make sure to also reach out to your ex-partner when it comes to your child’s progress or condition. We suggest using helpful tools to help you better communicate with your ex-wife or husband. Our 2houses features a simple messaging tool to help you better communicate with either your ex-partner or children. 

Spend Quality Time Together

For most families, mealtimes are when the parents talk to their kids about how their day went or how they are doing. Take advantage of this opportunity to talk to your children, tell jokes, plan an outing, or talk about anything under the sun. From time to time, organize a lunch out or dinner. Go to a favorite family restaurant and perhaps go to a movie after. 

Give Your Kids Their Own Space in Each of Your Home

Make them feel at home in both houses by giving them their own space. Encourage them to decorate their own bedroom however they want to decorate it. Never be judgmental of their taste to avoid conflicts. Also, consider having duplicate items in both houses so that your child won’t have to pack a lot of things. Some of these items include clothing, toys, toiletries, craft supplies, and other stuff your kids like to collect. 

Give Them Chores

Household chores don’t just help children learn about responsibility, it’s an opportunity for them to feel at home. If you have other children, make sure that you give them equal chores. Don’t let the other child do more chores than their siblings. 

Always Stay Positive 

Things may be difficult at first, but never give up. So long as you stay optimistic and open to your ex-partner, you’ll find out that a family can live happily in two homes. Be honest with each other and make sure that you don’t hold a grudge. If you feel misunderstood by your ex-partner, be open about it but try not to be argumentative. Most importantly, show your optimism in front of your children. 

Don’t make your kids guilty when they do something fun in your ex-partner’s home. Try to be genuinely happy for them and be respectful of their wishes. Also, never ask them to spy on your ex-partner as this can only lead to conflict. 

Live Happily in Two Houses

It’s understandable why some parents and children will struggle with the arrangement at first. You can make things easier by having the right communication tools. Our 2houses platform features a calendar to help both parents set and organize schedules better. We have a simple finance tool to help both parents effectively manage their finances. You can also store important information about your child and share it with your ex-partner. You can share photo albums and even share videos of your children. Try our 14-day trial now or talk to us if you have further questions. 

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