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Ratings for video games: Protecting our children

With Christmas looming fast, this week we’re going to take a look at violence in video games. To protect our children, the European Union has established a set of regulations: PEGI. Let’s see…

Firstly, before offering a video game to a child, make sure that he/she will not be upset by the content. At home, a console is used by various members of the family of different ages, it is important that everyone can enjoy it. So the European Union decided to create labels called PEGI (Pan European Game Information). This takes into account the recommended age to play a video game, but also unsuitable content that the game may include.

At what age can you play a video game?

A rating suitable for anyone to play, without violence (with the exception of cartoons), nudity or bad language.
The difference between this and the previous rating is minimal. We have noticed that certain scenes or sounds in these games  could potentially frighten children.
This is at an age where children feel more grown-up, and this is clearly seen in the rating. In these games there will be violence in graphic form as well as bad language, although insults of a sexual nature are not permitted.
Teenagers are now grown up, in this rating there will be violence or sexual contact, as well as bad language, use of tobacco, drugs or criminal activities.
This rating has been created only to draw attention to violence and to depict a certain level of gross violence.

What other information can be found on video games?

A game with this label will contain bad language.
Discrimination is also present in video games. To fight against this, PEGI regulations specify when this is present in a game.
We all want to protect our children. If this label appears on one of their video games, it could scare him.
The scourge of drugs can found in this video game. To be avoided if you want to protect your child from all addictions that are dangerous for their health.
Gambling is present in games with this label. Your child may even learn the rules.
Video games with this label will depict nudity and/or sexual behaviour or sexual references.
Violence, although explained according to age classification, will be present in this game.
Game can be played online, with other players in order to compete against each other.

As you know, the video game world is open to all ages, for young children it provides a fun way of learning, while for older children it can provide a way to relax and unwind. The PEGI regulations provided by the European Union will give you good advice to please young and old. So, do you now feel better informed to buy a video game for your children in time for Christmas?

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