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Apps for Co-Parenting

The Benefits of Using Online Tools and Apps for Co-Parenting in the UK

With the world becoming more and more attached to the internet and their phones, is there any doubt that parenting would change? The answer is no. Kids are on phones or online. Parents are on phones or online. And that means that co-parents are online and on phones.

But surprisingly, when it comes to co-parenting apps, a lot of ex-partners don’t think of that option when it comes to co-parenting in the UK. In fact, many still struggle with all the problems of traditional co-parenting when they could be enjoying the benefits of using online tools and apps for co-parenting.

So what are those benefits? Well, the fact that you can put all your organization into your pocket is the biggest, but there are a number of other ones, which we will go through right now.

Benefit Number One: Getting Those Calendars Organized

The biggest benefit of using online tools and apps for co-parenting, such as the app 2houses, is being able to organize your schedule. This can start simple by putting in your custody arrangement and marking which days the kids are with which co-parent. However, more advanced apps and online tools allow you to colour code the calendar, mark times of handoffs and where those handoffs are going to take place.

In addition, you can put in events for the kids, which co-parent will be attending those events (including if both are), when expenses need to be paid, and a wide range of other events that occur throughout the month.

By having your calendar organized and downloaded onto an app on your phone, you can be sure to have everything organized when it comes to your schedules.

Benefit Number Two: Organize those Documents

Speaking of organization, by using an online tool or app for co-parenting, you can actually keep life and documents organized. With 2houses, you can upload all of the documents regarding custody and settlements to your app where it will be safe and secure. In addition, you can add medical records, contacts to do with your kids and a range of other documents that will keep life easy.

And they can be shared with your co-parent so that you both have access to the same documents, which makes life much easier, especially during an emergency when you need to access those important documents quickly and securely.

Benefit Number Three: Reduces the Amount of Conflict

This is all in how you use the app but co-parenting tools and apps are often recommended when you are co-parenting with a high conflict partner. By using the app, you can minimize the amount of conflict that you have with the high conflict partner and can have all correspondence done through the app instead of in person.

Even without a high conflict co-parent, there will be times when there is more conflict. And some topics bring up conflict as they are known as high tension or high conflict topics. Often, these topics are around changes to visitation or about money.

With a co-parenting app, or using the online tools, you can circumvent these tense conversations. If the app has a messaging system connected to the calendar, you can simply put in requests regarding changes in visitation or pick up times and the notification will be sent to the other co-parent.

When it comes to expenses, some apps, like 2houses, has a budget that you can track expenses, send messages on costs of things and provide feedback on how much to spend for items such as shoes right through the app, make it much easier to get things the kids need without all the tension.

Benefit Number Four: Program those Reminders

This really comes into play with organization but you can set the online tools and apps to send you reminders of appointments, handoff times and any event happening in your kids’ lives. It can also send notification on when you need to send over money to cover expenses.

By having the reminders, you can really stay on top of things, which can be a huge accomplishment as raising kids between two houses can be extremely challenging and confusing at times. With the app, it doesn’t have to be.

Benefit Number Five: You Get to Enjoy Your Kids

The final benefit of using online tools and apps is that you really just get to enjoy your kids. The app can do all the heavy lifting and you can simply enjoy the time with your kids when they are with them. In addition, apps like 2houses have journals and photo albums so kids can be in contact, write notes, share photos and just still be in touch with you whenever they aren’t actually with you.

And your co-parent can do the same with those journals and albums so that you are always aware of what is going on, and being able to enjoy every moment of your kids’ lives, even when they aren’t with you.

When you aren’t worrying about conflicts with your co-parent, juggling budgets or stressing about making events, you’ll find that your days with your kids are focused on bonding, which is healthy for them, you and their relationships with both co-parents.

As you can see, there are many different benefits to using a co-parenting app or online tool. You will feel less stress, be more organized and will simply enjoy the new relationship you have formed as co-parents. Will it solve everything? The answer is obviously no, but it will remove a lot of the complications that can occur when you are trying to organize life between two houses. So what are you waiting for? Find an online tool or app that works for you and your family and start organizing your life and experiencing all the benefits of having one.

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