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Successful Custody Schedule

Tips for Creating a Successful Custody Schedule with 2houses

Creating a successful custody schedule can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be when you have the right tools. 2houses is that tool that I recommend to every parent. It is a co-parenting app and digital program that both parents, and even the kids, have access to it. On it are places to store documents, journal, share photos and there is an in-depth and easy to use calendar to program in your custody schedule with ease. So let’s look at how to create that successful custody schedule with 2houses.

First: Create a Schedule

The very first thing you want to do is create a custody schedule by looking at all of the schedules that you have to work with. This includes your schedule, your co-parent’s schedule, school and daycare schedules, babysitter’s (if you use one regularly) schedules and the custody agreement, or court ordered, schedule. From there, build a schedule that works for both of you.

It should be noted that the custody agreement can be a range of different arrangements such as 50/50, every other weekend, odd days, 2-2-3 and so on. This will affect how you set your schedule with 2houses. In addition, while court ordered visitation schedules usually have firm rules, there are often room to shift schedules as you agree. If you want changes to your schedule, make sure that you discuss it as a co-parenting couple and not try to force it through as that could lead you both back in court.

Second: Program It In

You have your schedule, you know what activities the kids are doing, what the day to day looks like and when the kids are with each respective parent, now it’s time to schedule the calendar for 2houses. This can be a pain with many different apps but 2houses makes it really simple, you just have to remember these few tips.

  1. Set the type of custody schedule model you have, such as 50/50. 2houses lets you set the custody agreement on the calendar, which helps with programming it and means fewer steps when you do.
  2. Once you have that, choose a start date of when the custody schedule will start. You can also assign colours to each parent and even events that are mutual. One of the best parts of 2houses is that you can hit the button, “repeats until…” and you don’t have to put in each individual week.
  3. When you are at this stage, click on the day of the week and assign which parent will spend the night.
  4. Add additional appointments and events and mark who needs to attend or take the kids to them.
  5. Choose a place or time for exchanges of the kids. This is great so the kids know when they need to be ready and you can meet in neutral spaces if you need to.
  6. Save the schedule and it will appear, colour coordinated, on your calendar. You can edit the schedule as you need and you can add other appointments/events as they come up.

It really is simple to program it in and I find that is often half the battle when it comes to creating a successful custody schedule with your ex-partner.

Third: Be Honest and Send Notes and Document!

Now that you have it all programmed into the calendar, 2houses takes it to the next stage and allows you to send notes, journal or add documents to it. The folders to add documents really helps with organizing things and you won’t have to go back and forth to access things, which helps keep frustration levels low when co-parenting and navigating all the documents.

The other part, the journal, helps talk about how the custody schedule is working. You can give feedback, talk about what needs to be changed and offer suggestions. You can even send requests to have things changed on your scheduled visitation days.

Everything is in writing so you won’t forget during handoff and you also will be able to confirm a response.

When you are documenting, make sure that you are honest. Don’t keep doing something that isn’t working for you because that can lead to resentment, which can lead to tension in the co-parenting relationship. Instead, talk it out.

Fourth: Review, Review, Review

Which brings us to review, review, review. Custody schedules can be modified and they will change depending on the kids. Summers may look completely different than during the school year. Certain extracurricular activities can affect visitation schedules so you may need to shift. Job promotions might change availability for handoffs.

The main point is that life happens and sometimes you have to make changes to the custody schedule. That’s why you should review it every time there is a major event that can affect it but also check it frequently through the year to ensure that it is working for everyone. Thankfully, the 2houses app allows for everything to be reviewed easily…and you don’t even have to meet, you can just send messages.

Fifth: Use the App to Keep Communication Open

Finally, one of the best ways for a custody schedule to be successful is to communicate. Often, when we have misunderstandings or frustrations in the co-parenting relationship, it is because things have not been communicated properly. 2houses makes communication easy through the calendar and journal so make sure you use it whenever you need to make a change, need something to be remembered or when tensions are higher and it’s better for you both to step back and communicate over the app instead of in person.

Ass you can see, the 2houses app is set up to make life easier for co-parenting. And when it’s easier, you can focus on the important things in life…your kids, your work, and all the things that you need to get done in the day…while 2houses focuses on all the rest.

Why 2houses?

We are a co-parenting facilitator!


A calendar for everyone, getting organised when you’re divorced is a priority. 2houses provides you an online shared schedule, with many editing, adding, and sync features.


For us, as divorced parents, the financial topic is most of the time a conflict topic. Now, 2houses manages all expenses from each parent, keeps you informed on the situation, day after day, coins after coins.


Communication is key, this is why 2houses offers you an online messaging tool, simple, efficient and secure.


The journal is your quick family social network. You can easily share all information, news, photos, videos, and even your children’s funny quotes. The family is never far away, no matter where you are geographically located.

And many more features!

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