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What are the 5 best places in the world to go on vacation alone with my ​​children

Summer vacations can be difficult if you are newly separated. Your children may not want to go far away, especially if their other parent still lives in the same town, and you may not be able to provide the same type of vacation experience that they had when you and your co-parent went on vacation with them as a family. If you choose places that cater specifically to single or separated parents, you and your kids can still have a good time and take all of your minds off of the change in your family situation.

Before You Leave

Before choosing a destination for travel, you may need to do a couple of things in order to ensure a safe, stress-free and fun experience.

  • Tell your co-parent when and where you are traveling in order to eliminate confusion and anxiety. Make sure he or she knows where you and the kids will be so that it doesn’t look like you are trying to keep the kids from him or her.
  • Get a notarized letter of consent from your co-parent if you are planning on traveling abroad.
  • Take pictures of your kids so that if they get lost while you are traveling you can quickly alert authorities.

Consider Single Parent Travel Packages

Expense can sometimes be a problem for single parents. More and more destinations, however, are realizing there’s a need for separated parents to take their children on vacation and are offering travel packages that are designed for them. These travel packages generally include lower prices, activities for kids and appropriate accommodations.

Places to Go

There are several places to go that might be of interest to single parents and their children:

  • Small Group Tours of the United Kingdom – There are several tours that allow parents and children to spend time together while sightseeing and throughout the United Kingdom. Tours usually include sightseeing stops and hotel accommodations for two to three nights. The small group atmosphere makes it easier for both parents and their children to make friends.

  • Christchurch, New Zealand – Christchurch has plenty of family-friendly attractions, such as the Orana Wildlife Park, the Botanic Gardens and even an indoor playground where parents can purchase a cappuccino to drink while watching their children climb, bounce and run. The playground also features a babysitting service for single moms and dads who want to do some sightseeing or shopping on their own.

  • The Caribbean – Several beaches in the Caribbean offer single parent packages. Beach trips may include water parks, accommodations with ocean views and time in the sun and sand.

  • South America – South American countries such as Guatemala offer parents and children exposure to ancient and modern cultures that are different from their own, exotic food, local events and marketplaces where children can meet local craftsmen and artisans.


  • Cruises around the coasts of various countries – Cruise ships are often a great opportunity for a single parent holiday. Family-friendly cruises offer accommodations for parents and children, activities both can enjoy and views of various countries from the ocean. Some cruises offer the ability to take day trips to the countries being visited.


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