2houses for family law professionals

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You’re a professional working with divorced parents?

Through your partner account, you’ll be able to create 2houses accounts for your clients, access follow-up tools and earn commissions.

Mediator access

The mediator has a full read-only access to the whole account. It’s a good way to monitor your client's conversations. Get a clear view of client balance too.

Easy client follow up

Connect to your account and manage all your clients from a single place.

Be always up to date through the web and mobile app.

Create your client accounts.

Pro material

Ask for your 2houses leaflets and place them in your waiting room.

Get rewarded

Get a commission for each client who pays a 2houses subscription.

Partner with 2houses

What is 2houses?

2houses is a website and an app to help separated parents to communicate and become organized for the well-being of their children.

Joint custody calendar

Share a calendar

An online shared planning, with specific feature for separated parents.

Online finances for separated parents

Share expenses

Share expenses between parents and keep a simplified overview of your finances.

Online journal for separated parents

Start a group discussion

Share informations, news, images, videos, or even co parenting quotes.

And many more features!

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