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How to reconcile professional and private life when we are separated?

After a divorce, you have to try to regain a normal life. This includes getting your personal life and your professional life back together. Despite anything you may be going through, you can’t let your work and home life suffer. In particular, you need to focus on keeping your children’s lives as stable as possible. This might seem a bit overwhelming, but with a few tips and the right tools, you can reconcile your professional and private life even when you’re separated.

Private Life

Your private life describes anything having to do with your family such as your children, your ex partner, your friends, your home and etc. It’s easy to let your personal life get away from you a bit during your split up. To keep on the right track, make sure you continue to schedule time to be with your friends. A lady’s or man’s night out might be just what you need to get back into the groove of socializing. Plus, it’s an excellent way to keep your mind off occupied. Make sure you call up your friends still on a regular basis, so you don’t lose touch with them while you’re focusing on your life. Don’t forget about your family either. They can make this process easier on you. Find a family friendly activities for you and the kids to do, which will be good for both of you. Your kids will enjoy a little bit extra of your time.

Professional Life

Your professional life includes every aspect of your job from the actual work part to the lunches you take. A separation may lead to you not performing on the job as well as you did before the breakup. You may not feel the urge to go out with co-workers or participate in events held by the company. The best thing you can do is to participate and get involved. Keep your mind active, and your attention geared toward the positive. Use your break to vent. Try writing in a journal during your 30-minute or 15-minute break to keep your emotions in check, so you don’t feel the need to mix your personal life with your professional life. Maybe use your commute to work as your time to think about everything, so you avoid bringing your personal life into the workplace. Promise yourself to leave your feelings at the door, meaning as soon as you walk in, your thoughts automatically convert to business.

Balancing Your Children and the Rest of Your Life

Once you go through the process of separation, you’ll need to learn to get your life back on track along with learning to deal with your professional and personal life with your children who need you more than ever right now. Firstly, schedule dinner time every night for you to sit down as a family and stay connected. You’ll feel better and so will your children. The next order of business you need to consider is that you may be responsible for more now that you have the kids by yourself for at least a few days.

Fortunately, 2houses has a calendar to keep everything from your children’s life to your private and professional life in order. 2houses also has an info bank section that allows you and your ex to create an address book and a list of medical information online for both of you to be able to view and edit, making it easier for you to juggle everything. You’re able to share documents as well.

With so much going on, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Everything will get back to order in due time. Most importantly, by take time out for yourself and using 2houses, you’ll have the ability to maintain balance. So do not hesitate to check it now, it’s free!

Why 2houses?

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A calendar for everyone, getting organised when you’re divorced is a priority. 2houses provides you an online shared schedule, with many editing, adding, and sync features.


For us, as divorced parents, the financial topic is most of the time a conflict topic. Now, 2houses manages all expenses from each parent, keeps you informed on the situation, day after day, coins after coins.


Communication is key, this is why 2houses offers you an online messaging tool, simple, efficient and secure.


The journal is your quick family social network. You can easily share all information, news, photos, videos, and even your children’s funny quotes. The family is never far away, no matter where you are geographically located.

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