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Putting aside your feelings for the children

Divorce is an unfortunate event that some families have to overcome. The separation of the parents isn’t just about the parents; it has a huge impact on the children as well. The feelings of negativity and resentment between a former couple can make the children uncomfortable and make the adjustment to the separation even more difficult. This is why it’s so vital for you to put aside your feelings for the children.

1. Never vent to your children

Your children do not want to hear how their father is a lying, cheating, so and so… They don’t want to hear how you’re sick of their mother bringing her boyfriend to pick up the children. Remember, they’re going through a lot right now, and if you have nothing nice to say about your ex-partner, then you shouldn’t say anything at all. You don’t want to negatively influence your children’s feelings for their other parent.

2. Get your frustration out somewhere

Yes, you probably still have hurt feelings over the break up. You may cry yourself to sleep every night and wish nothing but bad on your former lover. However, you should take your frustrations out before you have to meet up with your ex. This means you shouldn’t remind your ex about everything wrong he did and that’s why the children should come to your house for the holidays. If you have to, start boxing or doing some other form of exercise to release stress. Talk to a therapist, friend or family member if you have to, but make sure you direct your anger at someone or something else other than your ex.

3. Focus on the kids

Keep reminding yourself that you must be civil for the kids. When you speak to their other parent, don’t even mention anything about the time you spent together. Instead, keep the conversation on issues related to the children such as their education and who will pick them up from their friends’ houses this weekend.

4. Ask don’t demand

Nobody likes to be told what they have to do, especially by a former partner. Always begin conversations where you want something with a question. For instance, say, “Is it okay if I take the kids this weekend and you take them next weekend?”

5. Compromise

No matter what your sentiments about your ex are, always be willing to compromise. You don’t need to fight battles about little issues like bedtimes or when they do their homework. However, with bigger issues, you’ll need to come to an agreement and that requires you both to give a little.

6. Keep the other parent in the loop

Put aside your feelings of hostility and tell your ex what happens with the children. While you might not want your ex hubby going to a school play with his new squeeze, he should still know about it. It’s not fair to him or the kids not to let him know.

While this may not sound like it’s in your best interest, it really is. Your children are your primary focus and you don’t want to do anything that could sever a relationship with them, even if it means being nice to someone who hurt you.

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