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Teaching discipline to the kids - 2houses
Aug 01 2012

Disciplining Your Child After Divorce

Child discipline in an intact family is a responsibility shared bet...

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divorce and kids - 2houses
Jul 23 2012

Divorce And Kids: 5 Ways Divorce Benefits Kids

Contrary to popular belief, divorce isn’t always negative for kids ...

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parenting is easier after divorce - 2houses
Jul 22 2012

Why Parenting Is Easier After Divorce

Emily and William have done everything right. They have been marrie...

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Becoming a super stepmom
Jul 18 2012

The 3 Steps to Becoming a Super Stepmom

Did you know that only about one-third of stepfamily marriages last...

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parental alienation syndrome definition - 2houses
Jul 17 2012

What is Parental Alienation Syndrome?

Parental Alienation Syndrome is the deliberate attempt by one paren...

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divorced co-parenting - 2houses
Jul 11 2012

The 5 C’s of Divorced Co-Parenting

However you may feel about your ex-spouse, if you have kids, you ar...

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Society hates stepmom - 2houses
Jul 09 2012

Why Does Society Hate Stepmoms?

Fairy tales are one of the oldest, and sturdiest, narrative forms o...

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protect your kids from divorce - 2houses
Jul 05 2012

Dealing With Divorce: 7 Tips to Protect Your Kids

When a family finds itself in the middle of a separation or divorce...

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divorce is difficult for dads - 2houses
Jul 04 2012

Must Divorced Fathers Become Second Class Citizens?

Must Divorced Fathers Become Second Class Citizens? It was the last...

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primary custody of the children when i'm divorced - 2houses
Jul 02 2012

8 Tips For a Parent without Primary Custody to Spend Extra Time With the Kids

Only seeing your children every other weekend can be devastating. Y...

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signs your kids are not alright about divorce - 2houses
Jul 01 2012

Divorce – 4 Signs Your Kids Are Not Alright

After many years of bickering, infidelities, and general unhappines...

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shared custody - 2houses
Jun 27 2012

6 Tips for Navigating Shared Custody

Picture this: The dust has settled, the property is divided, the vi...

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tips on surviving holidays divorce - 2houses
Jun 26 2012

Divorce Attorney Tips On Surviving Holidays

Stacy Phillips, Los Angeles celebrity divorce attorney and author o...

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6-step formula for positive parenting - 2houses
Jun 24 2012

The 6-Step Formula for Positive Parenting Before & After Divorce

Parenting before after divorce can be complex, frustrating and conf...

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mistakes after your divorce - 2houses
May 02 2012

Made Divorce Mistakes? It’s Never Too Late to Get It Right – On Behalf of Your Children!

Whether you got divorced several weeks ago or it’s been several yea...

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10 tips for divorcing parents
Apr 19 2012

Top 10 Tips for Divorcing Parents

Divorce does not have to be damaging to children. Here are the ten ...

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2houses has been interviewed by a a Radio
Apr 04 2012

2houses interviewed by The Divorce Source Radio during The Divorce Expo

If you missed our booth at the The Divorce Expo in Novi  (Michigan,...

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living with a single parent - 2houses
Apr 03 2012

For kids: Living With a Single Parent

If you live with one parent, you know that a lot of other kids do, ...

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co-parenting works - 2houses
Mar 19 2012

Book: “Co-parenting works” by Tammy Daughtry

The followings videos introduce parts of the book “Co-Parenting wor...

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divorcing and announcing it to the children - 2houses
Mar 15 2012

How to announce your divorce to your child ?

Are you prepared to tell the children about your divorce or separat...

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civilised separation book - 2houses
Mar 06 2012

Debrett’s Guide to Civilised Separation

“Relationship breakdowns are an all too sad feature of modern life ...

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