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Financial Impact of Divorce
Aug 23 2023

The Financial Impact of Divorce/Separation on Parents in the USA

For many people, the impact that a divorce can have on their long-t...

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Successful Custody Schedule
Jun 18 2023

Tips for Creating a Successful Custody Schedule with 2houses

Creating a successful custody schedule can be a challenge but it do...

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Impact of Divorce and Separation on Your Career
Jun 15 2023

Impact of Divorce and Separation on Your Career as a Parent in the USA Do divorce and separation harm or help parent’s careers?

Some professions will prosper following a divorce, while others wil...

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Manage Shared Expenses with Your Co-Parent in the UK
Jun 14 2023

How to Manage Shared Expenses with Your Co-Parent in the UK

Money—they say that it can make or break a relationship. And everyo...

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Managing Childcare Costs after Divorce
Mar 14 2023

Managing Childcare Costs after Divorce: Resources and Tips for Budgeting and Negotiating Expenses

Introduction Divorce can be an emotionally draining and difficul...

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Child support
Feb 24 2023

Understanding Child Support in a Divorce

The current divorce rate in the United States sits at 3.2 per 1,000...

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How to Facilitate Shared Expenses Management for Divorced Parents
Jun 29 2022

How to Facilitate Shared Expenses Management for Divorced Parents

Children are money-sucking machines. The cost for a middle-income f...

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Money-Saving Tips while coparenting
Feb 24 2022

Effective Money-Saving Tips while Co-Parenting

Parental cohabitation is becoming more common. It’s a great way to ...

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Save money after divorce
Feb 18 2022

5 Easy Ways for Solo Parents to Save Money after Divorce

Being a single parent is stressful even when you don’t have to worr...

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Child support
Oct 26 2021

How is Child Support Calculated?

It is the responsibility of both parents to financially support the...

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Divorced Parents Share School-Related Expenses
Aug 31 2021

Divorced Parents: Share School-Related Expenses

Money– for most of us, it’s our least favorite thing to talk about....

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Divorce and finances
Aug 20 2021

Ways to Deal with Your Divorce as a Woman and Manage Finances

A divorce is usually harsher financially for any woman. In fact, a ...

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Shared expenses
Jul 28 2021

Shared expenses: How to keep It Simple

Children are expensive; there’s no denying that fact. And one of th...

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Who Pays For Summer Camp
Jul 09 2021

Kids & Divorce: Who Pays For Summer Camp?

39% of all marriages end in divorce. While it might not seem like a...

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Legally Shared Expenses
Jul 05 2021

What are Legally Shared Expenses for Children After a Divorce

The divorce process can prove challenging for parents. Deciding wha...

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Shared expenses for kids
Jul 03 2021

How to Share Expenses for Kids After a Divorce

Children cost a lot of money. The average middle-income household s...

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child support modification
Jun 04 2020

What the Child Support Modification Process Actually Looks Like

There are nearly 14 million single parents in America with custody ...

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Child support payments
Jun 02 2020

Under What Circumstances Am I Eligible for Child Support Payments?

Of the 13.6 million custodial single parents living in the US, abou...

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May 11 2020

The Complete Guide That Makes Managing Co-Parenting Expenses Simple

As 40 to 50% of US marriages end in divorce, chances are many of us...

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Alaska Child support
Feb 10 2020

Parenting in the Land of The Midnight Sun: What to Know About Alaska Child Support

What to Know About Alaska Child Support? In 2018, Alaska had one of...

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Illinois child custody
Jan 23 2020

Important things to consider for illinois child support calculation

After divorce or separation of parents, children are the one who su...

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2houses : web & mobile app for divorce with kids - unpaid child support
Feb 25 2019

Unpaid Child Support: What You Can Do

There are some coparenting situations where child support is a non-...

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co-parenting - 2houses
Sep 11 2018

Co-Parenting: Managing School-Related Expenses

School supplies in every store and cooler weather — depending on wh...

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divorce - 2houses
Feb 07 2014

Get your wallet ready for the divorce

If you believe divorce is in the foreseeable future, it’s a smart m...

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oscar the app for health insurance - 2houses
Aug 19 2013

Say Hi To Oscar: The New Kid That May Change Health Insurance

In five weeks from now, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care ...

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