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Mental health as a parent
Oct 04 2023

The impact of divorce/separation on your mental health as a parent in the USA

Divorce or separation may be a turbulent process, full of conflicti...

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self-care for separated parents
Sep 14 2023

The importance of self-care for divorced/separated parents in the USA

Navigating the tumultuous waters of a divorce or separation can be ...

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Coping with Mental Health After Divorce and Adjusting to Co-Parenting Arrangements
Sep 12 2023

Coping with Mental Health After Divorce and Adjusting to Co-Parenting Arrangements

Experiencing mental health struggles while adjusting to co-parentin...

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how to help children cope
Sep 04 2023

The impact of divorce/separation on children and how to help them cope

Not just one person, but both adults may face turbulence during div...

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mental health
Jul 19 2023

2houses_ Children’s Mental Health During Separation

Separation and divorce is a challenging situation for all those inv...

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Divorce and Child Custody Cases
May 17 2023

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Context of Divorce and Child Custody Cases

If children are involved in a divorce proceeding and substance abus...

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Outcomes of Divorce or Separation for Infants to Adults
Jan 08 2023

Outcomes of Divorce on Children: Infants to Adults

It’s no secret that we can never truly know how our children will m...

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Divorce and children
Dec 12 2022

Sociological Effects of Divorce on Children

Making the choice to divorce or separate is never easy, especially ...

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How to Rebuild Your Style after Divorce
Feb 13 2022

How to Rebuild Your Style after Divorce

Going through a divorce can cause a lot of stress and make you reth...

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How to Let Go of Bitterness After Divorce
Feb 10 2022

How to Let Go of Bitterness After Divorce

When going through a divorce, you’re facing a challenging, confusin...

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Healthy home
Feb 07 2022

How to Create a Home That Inspires Healthy Habits

In the last two years, we have all been spending more time indoors ...

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Help a Child with ADHD Cope with Their Parents Divorce
Feb 04 2022

7 Tips to Help a Child with ADHD Cope with Their Parents Divorce

Divorce is a complex emotional process that is difficult for all p...

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A Breakup When You’re Pregnant
Jan 16 2022

Feelings, Relationships, and Pregnancy: Dealing with Breakup While Pregnant

Overcoming a breakup is challenging no matter what the circumstance...

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Your Home After Divorce
Jan 14 2022

The Importance of Reinventing Your Home After Divorce

No matter how smoothly and cordially the process goes, divorce is n...

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After divorce stress can disrupt your sleep and endanger your overall health. Therefore it’s important to calm your mind and have a good quality sleep.
Dec 25 2021

How to Improve Your Sleep after Divorce Stress

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale that studies how much stress affec...

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Woman who is running
Dec 10 2021

Embracing A Healthy Lifestyle After a Divorce

Going through a divorce feels like the ultimate failure for many pe...

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divorce with children
Nov 27 2021

Divorce Need Not be Destructive–Here’s Why

It’s a familiar pain to many of us. In fact, over 746,000 couples g...

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mixed emotions after divorce
Nov 26 2021

Eight Tips to Help You Deal With Mixed Emotions After Divorce

Divorce can happen for many reasons but no matter the cause, everyo...

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Living alone after divorce
Nov 15 2021

How to Handle Living Alone After Divorce

One of your worst nightmares has come true – you’re divorced and si...

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Going through divorce
Nov 06 2021

How to Remain Professional at Work while Going through a Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce right now, you know how stressful...

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Divorcing From An Abusive Spouse
Oct 27 2021

Divorcing From An Abusive Spouse: What You Need To Know

Every year, domestic violence wreaks havoc on the lives of an estim...

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What to Do if Your Co-parent Is a Narcissist
Oct 15 2021

What to Do if Your Co-parent Is a Narcissist: Your Comprehensive Guide

Narcissism is a major problem. 1% to 15% of the population suffers ...

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Anxious coparent
Jun 30 2021

Anxious Co-Parent? 5 Tips To Cope With Your Anxiety

Family is one of the essential parts of your life and the sole sour...

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Stress of divorce
Jun 24 2021

5 Crucial Tips To Deal With The Stress Of Divorce

Relationships are one of the essential parts of your life due to co...

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Mental health
Jun 14 2021

How Dads Can Take Care of Their Mental Health When Co-Parenting

Co-parenting isn’t always smooth for everyone. Each co-parentin...

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Sep 07 2020

What Does Gaslighting Look Like?

In the US alone, a couple gets divorced about every 36 seconds. Thi...

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Mental health sigle parent
Aug 21 2020

Maintaining Mental Health as a Single Parent During COVID-19

Much of the focus when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has...

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Parallel parenting
Aug 16 2020

What Is Parallel Parenting?

When two parents are working together to raise their children even ...

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Jul 07 2020

Co-Parenting With a Narcissist – Learn How to Deal

Many people don’t hear the word narcissist to describe their partne...

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2houses - web & mobile app for divorce with kids - why do you feel depressed after divorce
Feb 25 2019

Why do you feel depressed after a separation?

You are divorced and you feel sad, frighten and lost? Divorce and d...

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