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Children Adjust to Co-Parenting
Oct 14 2023

Helping Canadian Children Adjust to Co-Parenting: Strategies for Smooth Transitions

Adapting to co-parenting arrangements can pose various challenges f...

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The Challenges of Blended Families
Sep 10 2023

The Challenges of Blended Families and How to Overcome Them

Parenting has its challenges…from daycare to tensions between paren...

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The Emotional Impact of Separation on Children: What Australian Parents Need to Know
Aug 16 2023

The Emotional Impact of Separation on Children: What Australian Parents Need to Know

Separation is never easy. There are a lot of emotions. Anger, sadne...

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children's educational transitions
Aug 08 2023

Support children’s educational transitions between two households after divorce in the USA

Divorce is an unfortunate reality for many American families. As pa...

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Living in Two Households after Divorce
Jun 28 2023

Helping Your Child Adjust to Living in Two Households after Divorce/Separation

Divorce or separation can be difficult for both parents and childre...

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Help Your Children Adjust to a Separation
Jun 10 2023

Helping Your Children Adjust to a Separation: Strategies for Australian Parents

Separation isn’t easy. Not for the parents working through the sepa...

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May 10 2023

Keeping Your Child’s Best Interests in Mind: Why it is so Important for Co-Parenting

You have probably read many of our other articles on co-parenting a...

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Parental Divorce and The Consequences for Children
Jan 04 2023

Parental Divorce and The Consequences for Children

Choosing to divorce or separate is never without its complications....

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The Effects of Divorce on Children’s Behaviour
Dec 22 2022

The Effects of Divorce on Children’s Behaviour

Navigating through a divorce or separation with your partner is not...

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Our family after a recent separation
Jul 19 2022

Better Back-to-School Experience After a Recent Separation

Divorce requires major adjustments, and not just from the couple wh...

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Help Your Child Become More Independent
Mar 12 2022

How to Teach Your Child to be Independent

Teaching your child to be independent doesn’t happen by accident. R...

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Family Time in Two Homes
Mar 08 2022

Back to School and Family Time in Two Homes

Over the past couple of years, kids have been shifting back and for...

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Tips for Easier Co-Parenting Relationship
Aug 30 2021

Back to School: Tips for Easier Co-Parenting Relationship

According to a meta-analysis of 33 studies conducted by psychologis...

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Attachment issues
Jul 15 2021

Are Attachment Issues More Common After Parent Divorce?

Did you know that children with divorced parents are more likely to...

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Bond with your kids after separation
Jun 21 2021

3 Excellent Ways to use Creativity and Education to Bond with Your Kids After Separation

In cases of separation, what the majority of parents are concerned ...

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Summer holidays and joint custody - 2ouses
Jun 19 2021

Summer Holidays: Managing Conflicting Days Off

Holidays can be tricky for parents with joint custody. After all, m...

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Authoritative parenting
Jun 18 2021

The Difference Between Authoritative Parenting and Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritative and authoritarian parenting might sound like the same...

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Separated parents
Jun 12 2021

Top DIY Gift Ideas for Father’s Day as Separated Parents

If you’re part of a two-household family, you’re probably intimatel...

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Successful Parenting
Mar 01 2021

Successful Parenting Tips and Plans for Parents

Successful parenting does not come with a set of rules; you will le...

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Children of divorce
Jan 13 2021

Benefits dogs have on children of divorce

Divorce can be one of the most stressful events, not only in your l...

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Divorce books for children
Aug 17 2020

The Top 5 Books for Explaining Divorce to Kids and How to Help Them Get the Most Out of Them

The primary focus of any divorce with children is to make things as...

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Kids chores divorced parents
Apr 06 2020

Make Chores More Fun for Your Kids

There is no question about the wisdom of getting your kids to do ho...

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Halloween with your kids as separated parent
Oct 17 2019

Halloween: 5 Funny Things to Do With Your Kids

Navigating Halloween and joint custody might not be a treat, but it...

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Guiding children on social media - 2houses
Sep 05 2019

Guiding Children On Social Media

Today’s youth is growing up in a world dominated by social media. O...

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2houses : web and mobile app for divorce with kids - how to deal with pocket money
Feb 25 2019

Joint Custody: How to Deal With Pocket Money

It’s often said parenting doesn’t come with a manual. That’s especi...

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blended family - 2houses
Aug 23 2018

A Blended Family: Finding Your Place as a Step-Parent

Marrying someone who already has children is an experience that can...

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joint custody schedules - 2houses
Nov 27 2017

Joint Custody Schedules: Should Your Child Have Input?

You already know that communication between you and your ex is crit...

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jealousy between children - 2houses
Feb 17 2014

How to avoid jealousy between children ?

Children are exquisitely sensitive. They have to learn a great deal...

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video games - 2houses
Nov 21 2013

Ratings for video games: Protecting our children

With Christmas looming fast, this week we’re going to take a look a...

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big buck bunny - 2houses
May 05 2013

Big Buck Bunny – Short movie

Synopsis The plot follows a day of the life of Big Buck Bunny when ...

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