Interview of Hervé, an investor

1) Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Hervé M. and I studied at the University of Mons (south of Belgium) after my high school years in Antwerp (north of Belgium). I currently live in Namur and I have 2 children.

2) What is your professional background?

After a few years at Bull SA and Brico, I began a career as a negotiator buyer at Huyghebaert NV, a general food wholesaler . I’ve worked there now for 24 years.

3) How did you hear about the 2houses crowdfunding campaign?

I heard about the 2houses crowdfunding campaign through a relative of the 2houses’ CEO.

4) What criteria do you analyze before investing in a company?

I analyze the project itself. It must be innovative and have a real potential for international expansion.

5) Why did you decide to invest in 2houses?

Because they meet my criteria for investment and also through the involvement, motivation, and credibility of the CEO and his team (I saw several videos of Gill Ruidant describing his product and he really convinced me!). Investments in Exchange are no longer what they used to be; it was also time to turn to another channel.

Moreover 2houses meets a real societal problem, reason for its success.

6) Before 2houses, had you already invested in other start-ups?

Before, no. After, yes! I invest in YouScribe because they also meet my criteria.

7) Do you have tips or , comments to encourage our “future” investors to take the plunge?

They can see the progress made by 2houses in the last year: the translation of the application into multiple languages and the launch of the Apple release have generated an exponential growth of new users. This expansion will continue with new projects that can only reassure any undecided investors. Other uses of the application such as the management of an elderly person or a pet are to be considered and will boost the number of users .

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