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Outcomes of Divorce or Separation for Infants to Adults
Jan 08 2023

Outcomes of Divorce on Children: Infants to Adults

It’s no secret that we can never truly know how our children will m...

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Jan 06 2023

Adolescent Adjustment to Parental Divorce

Going through a divorce or separation is a turbulent time, with a w...

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Parental Divorce and The Consequences for Children
Jan 04 2023

Parental Divorce and The Consequences for Children

Choosing to divorce or separate is never without its complications....

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The Effects of Divorce on Children’s Behaviour
Dec 22 2022

The Effects of Divorce on Children’s Behaviour

Navigating through a divorce or separation with your partner is not...

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After divorce
Dec 16 2022

How to Set Up a New Home After Divorce

Moving on after a finalized divorce is never easy, and it’s even ha...

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Divorce and children
Dec 12 2022

Sociological Effects of Divorce on Children

Making the choice to divorce or separate is never easy, especially ...

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Nov 17 2022

How do Co-Parents Make Daycare Choices?

Making decisions concerning childcare can be challenging for parent...

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How to Avoid Badmouthing
Nov 08 2022

Balancing Blended Families: How to Avoid Badmouthing

With the holidays comes a certain amount of tension. As a matter of...

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Divorce or separation
Nov 07 2022

Parental separation and divorce: how to support children

Divorce or separation usually mean significant changes to family li...

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Talking parents
Oct 31 2022

Talking Parents: 6 Reasons Parents Should Talk After a Divorce Meta description

In 2020, there were 630,505 divorces and annulments in the United S...

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Authoritative Parenting vs Co-Parenting
Sep 21 2022

Exploring Parenting Style: Authoritative Parenting vs Co-Parenting

More than 3.6 million babies are born every year in the United Stat...

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Divorce journal
Sep 19 2022

20 Journal Prompts for Your Divorce Journal

Have you recently gone through a divorce? Getting divorced bring...

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custody schedule
Sep 09 2022

How to Organize Joint Custody in a Blended Family

Each year, more than 630,000 couples in America get divorced. This ...

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Two homes
Aug 27 2022

Building Kids’ Resilience in Two Homes

Sometimes, marriages don’t work out, but we would still do anything...

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Co Parenting a Newborn
Aug 24 2022

Co Parenting a Newborn: How to Do It Successfully

When a relationship ends, making a new parenting arrangement is nev...

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Parenting with a Restraining Order
Aug 16 2022

How to Co-Parent with a Restraining Order

Let’s face it: being a parent is hard. Although it is probably the ...

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Our family after a recent separation
Jul 19 2022

Better Back-to-School Experience After a Recent Separation

Divorce requires major adjustments, and not just from the couple wh...

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Live Happily in Two Houses?
Jul 15 2022

How Can a Family Live Happily in Two Houses?

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with divorce: you are not al...

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Put your kids first
Jul 06 2022

Put Your Kids First: Co-parenting With Someone Who Hurt You

Shared custody agreements between parents in the United States grew...

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How to Facilitate Shared Expenses Management for Divorced Parents
Jun 29 2022

How to Facilitate Shared Expenses Management for Divorced Parents

Children are money-sucking machines. The cost for a middle-income f...

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50/50 Shared Custody: A Guide to Birdnesting Divorce
Jun 17 2022

50/50 Shared Custody: A Guide to Birdnesting Divorce

Getting divorced is one of the most difficult parts of your life, e...

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Summer Break Parenting Plan
May 30 2022

Summer Break Parenting Plan: Applying 20/80 Shared Custody

Divorce is far trickier than you could imagine. There were 7.6 new ...

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Guardianship vs. Custody
Mar 29 2022

Guardianship vs. Custody: What’s the Difference

A lot of people wrongly assume that custody and guardianship are th...

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parenting changeovers
Mar 14 2022

How to Make Transitions Between Households Easier for Children

Transitions between households after their parents separate require...

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Help Your Child Become More Independent
Mar 12 2022

How to Teach Your Child to be Independent

Teaching your child to be independent doesn’t happen by accident. R...

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Parenting plan for teens
Mar 10 2022

Parenting Plans for Teens

Once your children reach their teen years, many things change, incl...

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Family Time in Two Homes
Mar 08 2022

Back to School and Family Time in Two Homes

Over the past couple of years, kids have been shifting back and for...

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Building Kids’ Resilience in Two Homes
Mar 06 2022

When One Parent Talks Badly About the Other – Building Kids’ Resilience in Two Homes

When there is a history of emotional abuse between parents during t...

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Custody exchange
Mar 04 2022

Custody Exchange and Parenting Schedules – What’s Best for Your Family?

Custody exchange routines and parenting schedules can be critical t...

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Conflict-Free Co-Parenting
Feb 27 2022

Advice for Conflict-Free Co-Parenting

Parenting was not all that conflict-free before your divorce. But n...

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