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How to add a third-party user to your 2houses account ?

Now that the 2houses new version and its amazing new features are out, we will introduce some of the main new ones here to make sure this new version is no longer a secret for you. Today we're going to introduce one of the features that many of you asked for, access to third-party user. Creating a third-party user let you give an access to other people to some parts of your 2houses family account, of course you can set limits (or not) for this access, the organization of the family has never been so easy !

So here we go: 

1) First of all, click on your name on the top right hand corner of the screen, and drop-down list will appear and then click on "Family".

2) Now you can see under the co-parent name, a new part in this menu, "Third Party Users", here no third party user has been created yet, so click on "Add a third party user".

3) Now enter a firstname, a surname and an email address for the person you want to give an access to. Choose a color for this person. If you have a photo of this person you can add a picture to create a special avatar (if you don't have any photo, just leave this part blank, the little character in grey will be the avatar by default).

4) Now that you have added this information, scroll down a bit, and you'll find the permissions setup. You can now enable or disable permissions for this new third party account by checking or unchecking the following boxes. (Here we added permissions only for reading the information bank, writing in the information bank, writing articles in the journal and publish pictures in albums).

Once that you've had the information and permissions, just click on "Save" and you're done! You have now created an access for a third party user, easy right ?

Next week we'll introduce another amazing feature, stay tuned!

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