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How to add visits to your custody calendar ?

Now that the 2houses new version and its amazing new features are out, we will introduce some of the main new ones here to make sure this new version is no longer a secret for you. Today we’re going to introduce one of the features that many of you asked for, Visits. Adding visits in the calendar let you add time slots when the other parent will have access with one or more children. The organisation has never been so easy!

Here we go,

1) First of all, click on "CALENDAR"  in the upper menu and click on "Visits" and then click on "Add a visit in the calendar".

2) You're now in the visit wizard, to start, choose the parent that will visit the child, and then choose the child concerned by this visit. Now, choose a date for this visit, a start time and an end time. Choose the frequency for this visit, every day, week, month or year. If this visit does have a end date uncheck the box "no defined end date" and choose an end date in "Repeat until:",  in the case of this visit doesn't have any end date, leave the box checked. You can also add a place for this visit and some notes. When you're all done, click on "Save" at the bottom of the page.

3) You have now added a visit, you can have a look at all the visits in this menu. You can have a look at the parent and the child concerned by this visit, the date and the place and the frequency. You can edit or delete the visit by clicking on the arrow on the right.

4) Your visit is now displayed in the calendar at the frequency you set previously.

Now you know how to add a visit in your calendar ! The family organization becomes easier than ever! Next week we'll introduce another amazing new feature from the 2houses new version! Stay tuned !


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