Testimony of Jani, an investor

1) Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Jani N., the founder of ELIM Global Consulting. I graduated with a BA Degree in Political Science from UCL. I love reading, I absolutely love dancing (surely it must be connected with my roots! ;-)), coaching, and helping people with their relationships.

2) What is your professional background?

I worked for 14 years in IT within the banking sector. I also spent 12 years in roles such as in programming, needs analysis, project coordination, and applications testing. Thereafter, I worked on a one-year project as a consultant specializing in software box testing. Eventually, I created my own box in October 2013 .

3) How did you hear about the 2houses crowdfunding campaign?

Through the founder Gill Ruidant.

4) What criteria do you analyze before investing in a company?

In regards to 2houses, I looked at the creative side and I would even say the innovative concept. I also made sure that it combined simplicity with a real need .

5) Why did you decide to invest in 2houses ?

Divorce itself is has a difficult and emotional time, with all that follows (frustration, anger, feelings of failure, Tension in communicating , etc. … ). When you have children, it is desirable to have peaceful dialog between the parents. In this perspective, if a tool can help improve communication by providing a framework, I think it’s a great initiative, and I wanted my investment to support it.

6) Before 2houses, had you already invested in other start-ups?


7) Do you have any tips or , comments to encourage our ” future ” investors to take the plunge ?


Invest now: https://www.mymicroinvest.com/en/startups/9-2houses

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