The Essential How-to Divorce Guide

Did you ever ask yourself, what should I do if I can’t afford the services of my current lawyer after having gone far with my divorce ? Can I get my spouse to pay for my attorney in our divorce ?  What is the best way for me to deal with long-distance visitation of my child ? or Do I Have Rights to Reimbursements During Divorce ?

Here are the answers to 98 frequently asked questions about divorce and co-parenting from

1 What if my spouse has not paid alimony?
2 How is my spousal support payment calculated?
3 How long does spousal support or alimony last?
4 How is spousal support terminated by operation of law?
5 My spouse and I have decided prior to divorce that cohabitation won’t terminate spousal support. How can I change this?
6 Can my spouse make sure that I won’t get anything if we divorce?
7 What if my ex-spouse and I can’t come up with a modified parenting plan?
8 How can I change our parenting plan?
9 Can my abusive spouse get custody of our children?
10 What needs to be done if my spouse is intentionally stalling the divorce process?
11 What should I do if my spouse keeps bringing me back to court?
12 What if I get filed a restraining order during divorce?
13 What should I do if I want to divorce my abusive spouse?
14 Can my spouse get visitation rights despite the restraining order?
15 What if I can’t prove after filing for divorce that my spouse is abusive?
16 Should I file for a restraining order on my spouse before divorce?
17 How difficult will my divorce be if I haven’t heard from my spouse in 2 years and there are no children or property involved?
18 Does my spouse have the right to use my phone bills and records during your divorce?
19 What should I do if I can’t afford the services of my current lawyer after having gone far with my divorce?
20 Can I get my spouse to pay for my attorney in our divorce?
21 Am I allowed to a second opinion if I don’t agree with my lawyer’s advice for my divorce?
22 What happens when I want to change my lawyer while the divorce is underway?
23 Which newspapers should I publish the divorce petition if i don’t know where my spouse lives?
24 What if my spouse won’t sign the divorce papers?
25 What if my spouse refuses to let my pre-teen child visit me?
26 Could I be able to get ownership of the car after divorce even though it is named under him?
27 What if my spouse sold our car before our divorce?
28 What is the best way for me to deal with long-distance visitation of my child?
29 Should I get divorced or annulled?
30 Can my spouse file for bankruptcy in order to avoid child support and alimony?
31 How do I stop my divorce by requesting a dismissal?
32 What are the steps in changing my name after divorce?
33 How can I divorce my spouse who currently lives in a different country?
34 How long does the divorce process usually take?
35 Can my spouse and I use the same lawyer for our divorce?
36 Can a divorce force an unemployed spouse to get a job in order to pay for child support?
37 Understanding Prenuptial Agreements in Divorce
38 Tips on Protecting Your Legal Rights During Divorce
39 Reasons to Modify Spousal Support
40 Dealing with Adversarial Divorce Lawyers
41 Free Divorce Advice – Emotional Stages of Divorce
42 What’s the Best Way to Find a Divorce Lawyer?
43 How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation
44 Divorce Tips for Women – Why Wait After the Divorce to Date?
45 Divorce Advice for Women – How to Handle Depositions
46 Handling Debts During Divorce
47 Dirty Divorce Tactics – How to Find Hidden Assets
48 How to Respond When Falsely Accused of Domestic Abuse
49 Dirty Divorce Tactics Men Should be Aware Of
50 What Are Common Divorce Mistakes You Should Not Make
51 What are Different Types of Spousal Support?
52 How Can Women Stay On Their Financial Track After Divorce?
53 How Can You Safely Get Out of an Abusive Marriage?
54 What’s the Story Behind Divorce Rings?
55 How Do You Respond to Dirty Divorce Tricks?
56 How Can I Protect Myself and My Children Against an Ugly Divorce?
57 Do I Have Rights to Reimbursements During Divorce?
58 How Are Assets and Liabilities Characterized During a Divorce?
59 What Are the Different Types of Child Custody?
60 Can I Get Temporary Maintenance During Divorce?
61 What Do I Need to Know About Quit Claim Deed?
62 What Things Should I Know About COBRA and Divorce?
63 What are UDMA Provisions on Divorce Property Division?
64 What Records Related to Alimony Should You Keep After a Divorce?
65 How is Pet Custody Decided During Divorce?
66 Who Gets the House After a Divorce?
67 Does Marriage Counseling Really Help People on the Brink of Getting a Divorce?
68 How Soon After Divorce Can You Remarry?
69 Can Spousal Abandonment be Considered as Grounds for Divorce?
70 Divorce Decree or Records – How to Obtain them?
71 What is an Uncontested Divorce?
72 If I file first, will this affect me somehow later?
73 Domestic Violence in Divorce
74 Prenuptial and Separation Agreements
75 Samples of Separation Agreements
76 How to Get Your Spouse to Sign a Separation Agreement
77 Divorce Rates and Separation Agreements
78 Are Separation Agreements Necessary?
79 Merged Separation Agreements
80 Child Custody Agreements Between the Spouses
81 Child Custody Agreements and the Courts
82 Wording for Joint Custody Agreement
83 Spousal Support in Separation Agreement
84 Sale of House to Spouse
85 Will I lose my Green Card if I get a Divorce?
86 What does Default Judgment per Declaration mean?
87 How to File for Divorce?
88 What is No-Fault Divorce?
89 What is an Online Divorce?
90 Will I still get my spouse’s insurance benefits after my divorce?
91 What are the chances of me getting full custody of the children while she attains a full time job?
92 What is a reasonable time that the ex should have to attain a position to be self supporting in California?
93 Can I deduct legal fees off of my taxes?
94 My ex won’t fill out the Form 8332 – what can I do?
95 I’m allowed the exemption on alternating years – do I still need a 8332 form?
96 Which form is required to be attached to the non-custodial parent’s tax return?
97 Who is allowed to take the exemption when taxes are filed?
98 Can we split the exemption between my spouse and myself when we file our taxes?

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