When Push Comes to Love: Be realistic about kids and divorce

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When parents divorce, children do suffer a loss. Sometimes parents have a difficult time seeing that and they make up justifications for what is happening. I have heard them all: “My parents got divorced and I am okay,” “kids are resilient,” and even “things are not going to change that much.” I don’t really know how to state this any clearer: all that you do profoundly impacts your children. All. That. You. Do. Getting a divorce changes your child’s life forever. Never again will it be the same for your child(ren). And if you don’t know how your children felt about your marriage before the divorce it might be a good idea to sit down and have a conversation about it. Many times parents are floored to hear that their children felt that life was great before the divorce, despite the fact that the parents may have been arguing, not talking or nearly living separate lives. Children’s perceptions can be far different.

Below are some recommendations for families beginning the divorce process and those who are in the middle of it. It isn’t easy for anyone and…

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Article by Beverly Carr working at LCSW (a licensed clinical social worker based in Norwich.) for theday.com

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