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2 2 3 schedule
May 01 2020

Creating a 2-2-3 Schedule – a 50/50 custody agreement

If you’ve recently separated or gotten divorced from your partner, ...

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Separated But Living Together
Apr 27 2020

Separated But Living Together: Tips for Effective Co-Parenting

Amid a contentious divorce, staying separated but living together m...

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Mother's day
Apr 23 2020

Navigating Mother’s Day and Joint Custody

Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult life events to...

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Parenting plan
Apr 17 2020

Creating a Successful Parenting Plan

Marriage and divorce have become parts of the collective American e...

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Co-parenting and narcissist
Apr 13 2020

Co-Parenting With a Narcissist: How to Make It Work

Parenting is never easy. It’s a full-time job that requires you to ...

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Parallel parenting
Apr 03 2020

Parallel Parenting vs.Co-Parenting: What’s the Difference?

Family therapists extoll the benefits of co-parenting and with good...

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Coparenting vs coronavirus
Mar 30 2020

Co-Parenting During the coronavirus

The rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic is upending lives ever...

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Being a Stepmom
Mar 21 2020

Being a Stepmom – How Difficult Is It?

Parenting has never been for the faint of heart. It comes with 24/7...

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The right of first refusal
Mar 17 2020

The Importance of the Right of First Refusal Custody Orders

Did you know that in 51% of cases, both parents agreed that mom sho...

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50/50 custody
Mar 05 2020

50/50 Custody: How to Make Arrangements Work

Studies have found that children who spend at least 35% of their ti...

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parenting time guidelines
Dec 26 2019

The essential of Indiana parenting time guidelines

As per the latest statistics attained from The Centers and Disease ...

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First Christmas Without Dad or Mum - 2houses
Nov 30 2019

Co-parenting: How to Manage the First Christmas Without Dad or Mum

With divorce rates rising, many kids now experience Christmas witho...

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Summer Parenting Time Guidelines
Nov 22 2019

How to Create Parenting Time Guidelines for the Summer

One of the hardest parts about going through a divorce? Figuring ou...

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keep in touch while your child is not home - 2houses
Oct 05 2019

As A Co-parent, How To Keep In Touch With Your Child While He’s Not Home

Separation is never easy and that’s doubly true when it comes to co...

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back to school is never easy for a child - 2houses
Aug 20 2019

Encouraging Your Child to Go Back to School

Unless you’ve recently found a functioning magic wand, getting your...

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cooking with kids - 2houses
Aug 05 2019

Cooking With Kids: 3 Simple Recipes to Try

Getting kids involved with food preparation has tons of benefits. C...

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holidays and joint custody - 2houses
Jul 05 2019

Travel Plans for Separated Parents: Navigating Holidays and Joint Custody

Of all the potential conflicts that co-parents have to contend with...

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Getting Along with Everyone in a Blended Family
Mar 18 2019

Getting Along with Everyone in a Blended Family

Anyone can start a blended family. Actually getting everyone to ble...

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2houses - web and mobile app for divorce with kids - happy christmas with separated parents
Feb 25 2019

A happy Christmas with separated parents

Christmas is a special time for children and therefore for their pa...

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2houses - mobile & website app for divorce with kids - from ex spouse to friend
Feb 25 2019

From ex-spouse to friend: Reinventing relationships after divorce

Your marital relationship is over, but what about your relationship...

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2houses - web & mobile for divorced parents - single parents
Feb 25 2019

Managing Life as a Single Parent after Divorce

When a divorced couple has children, life can get very complicated....

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separated parents - 2houses
Aug 30 2018

Back to School: Better Organizing for an Easier Co-Parenting Relationship

Back-to-school season means folders, notebooks, and pencil holders ...

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divorce with kids - 2houses
Jan 15 2018

Divorce With Kids: How Do You Explain It to Them?

Perhaps one of the most challenging conversations you’ll have as a ...

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professional and personal life - 2houses
Mar 11 2014

How to reconcile professional and private life when we are separated?

After a divorce, you have to try to regain a normal life. This incl...

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feelings aside - 2houses
Feb 05 2014

Putting aside your feelings for the children

Divorce is an unfortunate event that some families have to overcome...

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back to school when you're divorced - 2houses
Aug 31 2013

Co-parenting – 5 tips that make going back to school easier!

The summer break is over and going back to school can be stressful ...

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help your child through a divorce - 2houses
Jul 01 2013

Helping your child through a divorce

Thousands of kids experience the stress of divorce each year. How t...

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talk to you child
Jun 23 2013

21 Blogs Sharing Techniques to Help You Talk to Your Child About Severe Weather

Severe weather is something that nearly every area of the country e...

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child custody with a family law attorney - 2houses
Jun 16 2013

Understanding Divorce: Insights from a Family Law Attorney

Determining custody can be a difficult, technically challenging, an...

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child's self-esteem - 2houses
May 28 2013

20 Blogs with Caring Ways to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Having high self-esteem is something that everyone needs, but somet...

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