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Covid-19 Coparenting Decisions
Oct 19 2021

COVID-19 Decisions: Which Parent Gets to Make Them

The COVID-19 pandemic struck the world in early 2020, and it caused...

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High conflict coparenting
Oct 17 2021

5 Tips for Handling High-Conflict Coparenting

Relationships usually don’t end peacefully, and it’s normal for cou...

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Holiday Split Custody Arrangements
Oct 16 2021

Holiday Split Custody Arrangements: How to Celebrate Special Occasions

Divorces usually end with a split. Close to 750,000 divorces occurr...

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What to Do if Your Co-parent Is a Narcissist
Oct 15 2021

What to Do if Your Co-parent Is a Narcissist: Your Comprehensive Guide

Narcissism is a major problem. 1% to 15% of the population suffers ...

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Absent parent
Oct 15 2021

What Happens When an Absent Parent Returns

The ideal coparenting situation is one where both parents are prese...

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Going to A New School After Divorce
Sep 29 2021

3 Ways to Support Your Child Going to A New School After Divorce

Divorces can be extremely hard on the whole family, but the effects...

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Protect Your Privacy During Divorce
Sep 08 2021

Ways to Protect Your Privacy During Divorce

Divorce is challenging and overwhelming as it is. However, if you a...

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Divorced Parents Share School-Related Expenses
Aug 31 2021

Divorced Parents: Share School-Related Expenses

Money– for most of us, it’s our least favorite thing to talk about....

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Tips for Easier Co-Parenting Relationship
Aug 30 2021

Back to School: Tips for Easier Co-Parenting Relationship

According to a meta-analysis of 33 studies conducted by psychologis...

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Out-of-State Custody Arrangements
Aug 26 2021

Out-of-State Custody Arrangements: Creating a Workable Agreement

Did you know that in 2018, America had roughly 780,000 divorces? Th...

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Divorce and finances
Aug 20 2021

Ways to Deal with Your Divorce as a Woman and Manage Finances

A divorce is usually harsher financially for any woman. In fact, a ...

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all about 3 3 4 4
Aug 17 2021

All About the 3-3-4-4 Schedule

Divorce is never easy, but it gets more complicated when you have c...

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Shared expenses
Jul 28 2021

Shared expenses: How to keep It Simple

Children are expensive; there’s no denying that fact. And one of th...

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Creating a 3-3-4-4 Schedule
Jul 26 2021

Creating a 3-3-4-4 Schedule – a 50/50 Custody Agreement

Filing for divorce can be one of the most difficult events that occ...

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Coparenting calendar
Jul 21 2021

Scheduling 101: The Coparenting Calendar

When your children are first born, it can feel like every little th...

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Parental divorce
Jul 18 2021

Attachment Styles and Parental Divorce: Everything You Need to Know

The effects on children of parental divorce are perceptible. They o...

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Custody schedule for the summer
Jul 17 2021

How to Create an Alternating Custody Schedule for the Summer

Couples who are getting married for the first time in the United St...

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Attachment issues
Jul 15 2021

Are Attachment Issues More Common After Parent Divorce?

Did you know that children with divorced parents are more likely to...

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Who Pays For Summer Camp
Jul 09 2021

Kids & Divorce: Who Pays For Summer Camp?

39% of all marriages end in divorce. While it might not seem like a...

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Divorce With Children
Jul 08 2021

Divorce With Children: Not One-Size-Fits-All

Divorce is undeniably difficult, but when children are involved it ...

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Legally Shared Expenses
Jul 05 2021

What are Legally Shared Expenses for Children After a Divorce

The divorce process can prove challenging for parents. Deciding wha...

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My parents are divorcing
Jul 05 2021

My Parents Are Divorcing. How Do I Cope?

When it comes to the relationship between divorce and children, par...

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Shared expenses for kids
Jul 03 2021

How to Share Expenses for Kids After a Divorce

Children cost a lot of money. The average middle-income household s...

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Jul 01 2021

5 Things Children Should Know Before Parents’ Divorce

This matter of divorce does not require much of an introduction bec...

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Anxious coparent
Jun 30 2021

Anxious Co-Parent? 5 Tips To Cope With Your Anxiety

Family is one of the essential parts of your life and the sole sour...

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Divorce is challenging for the entire family and moving makes it even harder. Read on for tips to help easily navigate this process.
Jun 26 2021

Finding a New Home That Your Child Will Love After a Divorce

It’s no secret that moving can be stressful. Add in the lingering d...

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Stress of divorce
Jun 24 2021

5 Crucial Tips To Deal With The Stress Of Divorce

Relationships are one of the essential parts of your life due to co...

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Holiday searated parents with kids
Jun 22 2021

How to Create New Family Holiday Traditions After Divorce

Every year families in America spend more than $4,000 on vacations....

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Bond with your kids after separation
Jun 21 2021

3 Excellent Ways to use Creativity and Education to Bond with Your Kids After Separation

In cases of separation, what the majority of parents are concerned ...

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Summer holidays and joint custody - 2ouses
Jun 19 2021

Summer Holidays: Managing Conflicting Days Off

Holidays can be tricky for parents with joint custody. After all, m...

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