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separated parents - 2houses
Aug 30 2018

Back to School: Better Organizing for an Easier Co-Parenting Relationship

Back-to-school season means folders, notebooks, and pencil holders ...

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blended family - 2houses
Aug 23 2018

A Blended Family: Finding Your Place as a Step-Parent

Marrying someone who already has children is an experience that can...

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divorce - 2houses
Aug 21 2018

The Impact of Divorce on Children’s Education

Parental separation can have adverse effects on children as they ex...

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separated parents - 2houses
Jul 16 2018

Separated Parents: Who Gets to Choose the Children’s School?

Whether it’s public, private, online, or at home, the process of pi...

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divorce announcement wording - 2houses
Jun 28 2018

Divorce Announcement Wording Tips for Your Children

Talking to your children about divorce is never easy. Most spouses ...

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co-parenting schedule - 2houses
May 28 2018

5 advantages of a Co-Parenting Schedule

For the sake of their children, many co-parents aim to work togethe...

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co-parenting books - 2houses
May 17 2018

Co-Parenting Communication Tools: Our Selection of Books to Explain Divorce to Children

When co-parents decide to end their relationship, it is not always ...

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divorce with kids - 2houses
Jan 15 2018

Divorce With Kids: How Do You Explain It to Them?

Perhaps one of the most challenging conversations you’ll have as a ...

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joint custody schedules - 2houses
Nov 27 2017

Joint Custody Schedules: Should Your Child Have Input?

You already know that communication between you and your ex is crit...

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mutual consent divorce
Nov 13 2017

Mutual Consent Divorce for an Unfazed Break-up

It is never easy to bring a relationship to an end. In particular...

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preteen about stress - 2houses
Aug 25 2017

How to Talk to Your Preteen About Stress

Preteens, also referred to as tweens, have a lot going on both phys...

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single parents
Jul 11 2016

20 Useful Tips for Single Parents Traveling with Young Children

Any parent knows that traveling with young children isn’t the easie...

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divorce - 2houses
Feb 25 2016

Children and lies: how to react?

It’s not unusual for a child to lie on occasion. This isn’t saying ...

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social network - 2houses
Feb 04 2016

Married life on social network

Keeping a marriage alive and well has always been an ongoing challe...

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vacations with kids - 2houses
Jan 24 2016

What are the 5 best places in the world to go on vacation alone with my ​​children

Summer vacations can be difficult if you are newly separated. Your ...

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divorce - 2houses
May 13 2014

I’m afraid to make mom or dad sad if…

The most crucial component of successful co-parenting and child hap...

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children education - 2houses
Apr 24 2014

The place of my new partner in the education of my child

Your child’s success and security in life depends upon a good educa...

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professional and personal life - 2houses
Mar 11 2014

How to reconcile professional and private life when we are separated?

After a divorce, you have to try to regain a normal life. This incl...

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jealousy between children - 2houses
Feb 17 2014

How to avoid jealousy between children ?

Children are exquisitely sensitive. They have to learn a great deal...

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divorce - 2houses
Feb 07 2014

Get your wallet ready for the divorce

If you believe divorce is in the foreseeable future, it’s a smart m...

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feelings aside - 2houses
Feb 05 2014

Putting aside your feelings for the children

Divorce is an unfortunate event that some families have to overcome...

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children - 2houses
Jan 30 2014

What children understand about divorce by age group

Divorce is a touchy subject with children and especially for parent...

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communication positive - 2houses
Jan 09 2014

Keeping Communication Positive

A divorce or separation can be an emotionally trying time for all i...

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messengers - 2houses
Dec 25 2013

Why making your children into “messengers” does not work….

There might be a great temptation to entrust your child with messag...

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video games - 2houses
Nov 21 2013

Ratings for video games: Protecting our children

With Christmas looming fast, this week we’re going to take a look a...

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divorcing - 2houses
Nov 07 2013

Oh dear, Mum and Dad are divorcing … How to tell their children?

Nothing works any more, Dad and Mum don’t get along and they’re no ...

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security blanket - 2houses
Oct 30 2013

The security blanket, first companion of your child!

Teddy bear, doll, end of colored tissue, old tee-shirt of mom or da...

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halloween - 2houses
Oct 28 2013

5 tricks to make a success of your evening of Halloween!

You want to spend a terrifying evening with your families and close...

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shyness - 2houses
Oct 13 2013

Shyness: a curse or a wonderful talent?

Shyness is not a definition but rather a description, behind which ...

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dating after divorce
Oct 13 2013

Dating after a divorce?

Living a divorce is hard to everyone concerned by the situation, an...

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