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Summer Parenting Time Guidelines
Nov 22 2019

How to Create Parenting Time Guidelines for the Summer

One of the hardest parts about going through a divorce? Figuring ou...

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divorce and children
Nov 17 2019

Divorce and Children: 4 Signs You Can’t Ignore

The fact that divorce is super common isn’t comforting when your fa...

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Family Law
Oct 31 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Family Law

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind whenever they c...

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Halloween with your kids as separated parent
Oct 17 2019

Halloween: 5 Funny Things to Do With Your Kids

Navigating Halloween and joint custody might not be a treat, but it...

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keep in touch while your child is not home - 2houses
Oct 05 2019

As A Co-parent, How To Keep In Touch With Your Child While He’s Not Home

Separation is never easy and that’s doubly true when it comes to co...

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Guiding children on social media - 2houses
Sep 05 2019

Guiding Children On Social Media

Today’s youth is growing up in a world dominated by social media. O...

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back to school is never easy for a child - 2houses
Aug 20 2019

Encouraging Your Child to Go Back to School

Unless you’ve recently found a functioning magic wand, getting your...

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cooking with kids - 2houses
Aug 05 2019

Cooking With Kids: 3 Simple Recipes to Try

Getting kids involved with food preparation has tons of benefits. C...

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holidays and joint custody - 2houses
Jul 05 2019

Travel Plans for Separated Parents: Navigating Holidays and Joint Custody

Of all the potential conflicts that co-parents have to contend with...

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father's day
Jun 07 2019

Navigating Joint Custody and Father’s Day

It might take a few months, or even longer, but parents and kids wi...

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mother's day
Apr 30 2019

Joint Custody And Mother’s Day: How To Manage If It’s Daddy’s Turn?

Mother’s Day and joint custody present a difficult challenge — if i...

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Easter with kids
Apr 18 2019

5 Things To Embrace Easter With Kids

Easter comes at the right time – spring is in full swing, the weath...

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change request
Apr 18 2019

Change Request

You’d like to encode a change request in your 2houses’ app but don’...

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create an event
Apr 18 2019

Create an event

You’d like to create an event on your 2houses’ platform but don’t k...

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Coparenting calendar
Apr 18 2019

Create a parenting schedule

We know how hard it can be when you arrive on 2houses to find your ...

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invite my coparent
Apr 18 2019

Invite my co-parent

You just logged in 2houses and can’t find your way around? It’s not...

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2houses home page
Apr 16 2019

First steps on 2houses

You’ve just joined 2houses and can’t find your way around? Here are...

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getting over a break up
Apr 01 2019

Getting Over A Break Up: 5 Tips On How To Deal With Mutual Friends After Your Separation

The end of your marital relationship doesn’t spell the end of your ...

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Getting Along with Everyone in a Blended Family
Mar 18 2019

Getting Along with Everyone in a Blended Family

Anyone can start a blended family. Actually getting everyone to ble...

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2houses - web and mobile app for divorce with kids - telling the kids you're dating someone else
Feb 25 2019

Dating After Divorce: When To Tell The Kids

I have been divorced for about three years. I have two teenagers, 1...

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2houses - web & mobile app for divorce with kids - why do you feel depressed after divorce
Feb 25 2019

Why do you feel depressed after a separation?

You are divorced and you feel sad, frighten and lost? Divorce and d...

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2houses - web and mobile app for divorce with kids - happy christmas with separated parents
Feb 25 2019

A happy Christmas with separated parents

Christmas is a special time for children and therefore for their pa...

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2houses - mobile & website app for divorce with kids - from ex spouse to friend
Feb 25 2019

From ex-spouse to friend: Reinventing relationships after divorce

Your marital relationship is over, but what about your relationship...

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2houses : web and mobile app for divorce with kids - how to deal with pocket money
Feb 25 2019

Joint Custody: How to Deal With Pocket Money

It’s often said parenting doesn’t come with a manual. That’s especi...

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2houses : web & mobile app for divorce with kids - unpaid child support
Feb 25 2019

Unpaid Child Support: What You Can Do

There are some coparenting situations where child support is a non-...

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Rebuilding after breakup : tips for moving forward
Feb 25 2019

Rebuilding After a Breakup: Tips for Moving Forward

No matter the circumstances, breakups are never easy. A divorce can...

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2houses - web & mobile for divorced parents - single parents
Feb 25 2019

Managing Life as a Single Parent after Divorce

When a divorced couple has children, life can get very complicated....

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2houses - Web and mobile app for divorce with kids - The difference between estrangement parental alienation syndrome
Feb 25 2019

The difference between estrangement and parental alienation syndrome

Parental Alienation is defined as the deliberate attempt by one par...

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after divorce - 2houses
Oct 04 2018

Starting a New Life After Divorce: When and How to Introduce a New Partner to Your Children

As time passes after your divorce, it’s very likely that you’ll mee...

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co-parenting - 2houses
Sep 11 2018

Co-Parenting: Managing School-Related Expenses

School supplies in every store and cooler weather — depending on wh...

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